Subversion Status


13:37 bdauvergne rev 4869 Fix collision between defined symbols in tools.h and private.h
13:37 bdauvergne rev 4870 Import tools in utils.h
13:37 bdauvergne rev 4871 SAMLv2: fix initialization of subject in lasso_assertion_query_build_request_msg
13:38 bdauvergne rev 4872 SAMLv2: add new methods to class LassoAssertionQuery * lasso_assertion_query_add_attribute_request: helper to setup request attribute for AttributeQuery messages. * lasso_assertion_query_get_request_type: method to find the type of the last received query. * fixes #90
13:38 bdauvergne rev 4873 Core: add method lasso_server_set_encryption_private_key_with_password * fixes #91.
13:38 bdauvergne rev 4874 Fix long lines in lasso/id-ff/server.c
13:38 bdauvergne rev 4875 Tests: new python test for setEncryptionPrivateKeyWithPassword