Subversion Status


00:42 bdauvergne rev 4878 Binding python: fix bad refcounting in get_logger and lasso_python_log
00:43 bdauvergne rev 4879 SAMLv2: in lasso_assertion_query_build_request_msg setup nameid * lasso_profile_get_nameIdentifier does not return profile->nameIdentifier , so we first try to use profile->nameIdentifier and if it is NULL we use lasso_profile_get_nameIdentifier.
00:43 bdauvergne rev 4880 SAMLv2: when initializing signture on assertion, setup an ID if there is none * without the ID lasso refuse to sign (it's mandatory)
00:43 bdauvergne rev 4881 SAMLv2: rename lasso_saml2_name_id_build_persistent to lasso_saml2_name_id_new_with_persistent_format * keep the old one for compatibility * new one will be picked by bindings as a constructor
00:43 bdauvergne rev 4882 Test: add python test for attribute requesting * What's tested: - request initialization - adding attribute designators - building the request message - processing the request message - accepting the request - adding assertion with attributes - signing the assertion - building the response - parsing the response
00:43 bdauvergne rev 4883 Tests: add idp6-saml2 data
00:43 bdauvergne rev 4884 add abi file for 2.2.91
00:43 bdauvergne rev 4885 Tools: add script to tools
00:43 bdauvergne rev 4886 add .gitignore file
00:43 bdauvergne rev 4887 Core: move lasso_strerror declaration to errors.h
00:43 bdauvergne rev 4888 Core: move logging function and macros to their own module, adapt perl binding
00:43 bdauvergne rev 4889 Binding python: find a work around for random behaviour of PyImport_ImportModule * it seems that PyImport_ImportModule is not deterministic. Sometimes it returns True for modules which we know are present ('logging'). Importing 'sys' first seems to make 'logging' accessible (complete cargo cult programming).