Subversion Status


14:14 bdauvergne rev 4902 [Core] add macros to manipulate xmlNodeList and GList of xmlNodeList The method to copy them is xmlCopyNodeList and not xmlCopyNode, so we need another set of macros.
14:14 bdauvergne rev 4903 [Core] add macro to release GList of xmlNodeList
14:15 bdauvergne rev 4904 [ID-WSF2] add idwsf2 test script to test suite Re-activate ID-WSF 2.0 test script. Fix problem with provider issuing assertion role. Need to be fixed more generally in the future.
14:15 bdauvergne rev 4905 [Core] add macro to release an xmlNodeList object
14:15 bdauvergne rev 4906 [Bindings] accept simple string in string<->xmlNode converter Some use case ask for passing simple libxml content node (i.e just an UTF-8 string) when a method argument or a field of the xmlNode* type. This commit add a static method in bindings/utils.c named lasso_string_fragment_to_xmlnode which does this transform by trying to parse an XML document then by trying to parse a well balanced XML fragment of only one node (if there is more than one node such as in the string " xxx yyy ", we free the node list and return NULL).